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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a place where families gather, guests are hosted, and nourishment is created. The kitchen is supposed to be an appealing inviting place that stands out. For that to happen, it needs to have excellent flooring. One of the first things people see when they look at your kitchen is the flooring.

Flooring should blend well with the room’s palette and add to the room visually. But in the kitchen, it needs to be durable and strong. A kitchen is hectic, with pots, pans, and ingredients, some of which end up on the floor. With that being the case, you must have a floor in place that is capable of withstanding some of the stress that it will likely be under.

Having kitchen flooring that is durable and appealing may seem hard, but numerous options on the market fit the bill. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the options available for kitchen flooring, with an eye towards flooring in Vancouver. Ready? Let’s get started.

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What is the Most Durable Floor for a Kitchen?

Durable floor for a kitchen

There are several durable options for kitchen flooring that stand out. No one option would be considered the most durable option because, as of right now, there are a lot of different flooring choices that can stand up to the rigors of the kitchen.

Hardwood flooring was something people traditionally avoided in the kitchen due to moisture. But now, many different hardwood options are sealed with modern technology that makes them far more resistant to potentially harmful moisture. It can also be sanded and refurbished.

Ceramic tile is an incredibly popular choice. It is incredibly durable and will typically last longer than hardwood with little to no need for maintenance. The only issue with ceramic tile is that it can chip, and it can get quite chilly in cold houses. Concrete is another powerful and durable option.

What is the Easiest Kitchen Floor to Maintain?

Because the kitchen can be a messy place, things can go sideways. If this is ever the case, you should hope that you have flooring that is easy to maintain. If your floor ever gets stained, chipped, or damaged in any major way, having a type of flooring that will be simple and fast to repair is important.

Linoleum is considered a type of flooring that is easy to maintain. This material is affordable to purchase and install and is versatile in its looks, so a good deal of customizability is granted to homeowners. It can be cleaned quite easily if you ever run into problems with your linoleum, although serious structural damage will make things difficult.

Ceramic also stands out here as a resilient material and easy to maintain. However, in older houses, ceramic isn’t as highly recommended. There are a lot of upsides to ceramic, including its easy maintenance. You can mop or scrub ceramic floors without the faintest need for worrying about moisture penetrating as you might with a hardwood floor that isn’t properly sealed.

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Is Vinyl Plank Flooring Good for Kitchens?

Vinyl plank flooring for kitchens

In recent years, vinyl plank flooring has become all the rage. Vinyl flooring provides the chic look of a hardwood floor but with a more modern twist. It is also incredibly durable and resistant. While vinyl plank flooring has surged in popularity, some question whether they should be using this type of material for kitchen flooring.

The good news is that there are a lot of benefits to using vinyl plank flooring for the kitchen. For starters, it is comparably cheap. It is on the lower end of the spectrum for home flooring materials. It is also incredibly durable. Most vinyl flooring is 100% resistant to water, meaning moisture concerns in the kitchen will not be a major problem. It is supposed to last anywhere from 10-20 years.

Vinyl flooring is easy to install and doesn’t require much maintenance. It has a polished look that makes it stand out, and is cheap, durable, and doesn’t need a lot of upkeep. However, there may be some downsides. Vinyl flooring doesn’t have the same feel as a hardwood floor. While it is much softer, it doesn’t have the same earthy aspects that people love about hardwood. It also can be damaged.

Overall, vinyl plank flooring is a great option for kitchens. It is appealing, durable, and capable of handling almost anything a kitchen setting throws at it.

What Type of Flooring is Best for Kitchens?

Best flooring for kitchen

The nice thing about the modern flooring landscape is that people have options. There are cost-effective and appealing home flooring choices for every budget. What it comes down to above all else is your preference.

With that in mind, several different types of flooring stand out as a great choice for the homeowner seeking to reinvigorate their kitchen. Hardwood floor is as classic as it comes, appealing and beautiful. While it has some durability concerns, it can stand up well to moisture with good sealing while giving your kitchen that picturesque look.

Ceramic tile is another standout option. Ceramic tile has a timeless look, and they are built strong. Ceramic won’t suffer from moisture damage, can be easily cleaned, and it takes a lot to chip them. There aren’t many downsides to using ceramic in your kitchen.

Lastly, there are other great options, like vinyl plank. Vinyl plank lasts long, is cost-effective, and will offer your kitchen the perfect look without any serious downsides. It is extremely popular right now for a good reason.

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At the end of the day, your kitchen flooring preferences will come down to you. What is important is that if you are seeking flooring in Vancouver, you go with the pros. BC Best Flooring is a flooring company that offers the full range of services customers need. From planning and procurement to installation, BC Best Flooring is here to help. If you are looking to secure that kitchen floor of your dreams, get in touch with BC Best Flooring to put your plans into action.

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