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How to Choose Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

Waterproof laminate flooring

Are you in love with the idea to set up waterproof laminate floors at your home? If you are about to answer positively, we will be eager to help you. Follow this article to learn more about the peculiarities linked to such floors. Hope you will find everything rather useful! Are Waterproof Laminate Floors Really Waterproof? This is a matter that worries a lot of customers. So, we are ready to reveal the secret: such material is as waterproof as you can imagine. It means that once you get it,

How to Choose Waterproof Flooring?

Types of waterproof floors

Picking the right kind of waterproof flooring requires certain knowledge. This article is going to be extremely useful for those who plan such a purchase soon. Well, if you are ready to commence, let’s initiate the talk! What Type of Floors Are Waterproof? Waterproof flooring is chosen by the customers for many reasons. First of all, it is rather safe. Second, it is just convenient. Follow below to get acquainted with the types of waterproof flooring: Tile floors. For instance, those who select porcelain tile, should not even worry about

Best Flooring for Bathroom. Complete Guide for Choosing

Bathroom flooring

Bathrooms are known to be wet and slippery. As a result, they are behind 80% of injuries caused by falling. Additionally, the injuries leave behind scars, marks, or bruises. Research shows people slip and fall in the bathroom for different reasons. Some people fall while taking a shower, some slip while using the toilet, and others lose their balance while getting out of the tub. Elder folks and children are more prone to injuries in the bathroom. Your bathroom floor can greatly impact your safety. Ask yourself- is your bathroom

Best Flooring for Kitchens: Complete Guide

Best flooring for kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a place where families gather, guests are hosted, and nourishment is created. The kitchen is supposed to be an appealing inviting place that stands out. For that to happen, it needs to have excellent flooring. One of the first things people see when they look at your kitchen is the flooring. Flooring should blend well with the room’s palette and add to the room visually. But in the kitchen, it needs to be durable and strong. A kitchen is hectic,

Types of Hardwood Floors: A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Flooring

Types of hardwood floors

Flooring is a hugely important component of a good house that should never fall under the radar. The first thing most people see when they enter your home is the floor beneath them, and having an appealing hardwood floor will make sure your house nails that first impression. But the average person might not have a comprehensive understanding of flooring. What makes flooring good? What sets it apart? How many different options do people have? These types of questions are normal, and we’re here to help with a comprehensive breakdown

How to Install Baseboards in 4 Steps

How to Install Baseboards in 4 Steps

Baseboards, also called skirting boards, are great decorative additions to the overall design of your home interior. Although baseboards are below the eye level along the floor, they can be one of the defining features of your home. They can be made of wood, plastic, vinyl, or aluminium materials. Each one has its benefits in aesthetics and durability. Whichever type of baseboard you may choose, remember that correct installation is vital to achieving the results that you want. To help you do so, we made a simple guide on how

Guide to Installing Hardwood on Stairs

Installing Hardwood on Stairs

Fitting your home with beautiful hardwood flooring will instantly make the whole place stylish and impressive. But if you want to make the interior even more elegant, you can also upgrade your stairway with hardwood surface, treads and risers. Installing hardwood on the stairs is not an easy task. However, with the right instructions mixed with enough patience and determination, you’ll be able to lay down hardwood on your stairs nicely. Here’s how to install hardwood on stairs: Source: Oak Stairway Remodel 1.    Measure and Trim Prepare the stairs by

The Total Cost of Installing Hardwood Floors

cost of installing hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is one of the best investments you can have for your home. It looks elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. It also gives the feeling of warmth and comfort that no other types of flooring can give. That’s why a professional hardwood flooring installation is worth investing in, for the right cost. But how do you know what’s the right cost? You can do so by being familiar with costs related to installation. The total cost of installing hardwood floors is comprised of the hardwood flooring cost, accessories, other materials

Photosensitivity of Wood Flooring

wood flooring

Wood flooring significantly differs from other types of flooring because of its natural gloss and the wide choice of colours. Woods look warm, respectable and add cosines to homes. Therefore, many people prefer wood over other types of flooring despite its high price. However, floors tend to lose their colour over time. Wood flooring is made of natural materials. Hence, it’s ageing with time. Experts call this process “maturing”. What Is Photosensitivity of Wood Flooring? Photosensitivity is the essential characteristic of hardwoods, a process of losing colour when time passes.

How to Choose Between Engineered and Solid Hardwood

When you go to a local flooring store to buy hardwood flooring, you’ll be asked a lot of questions to get you the correct product. Some information is easy enough to provide. However, you may find it difficult to answer when asked to choose between engineered and solid hardwood.  Don’t worry because most buyers have the same dilemma. So, before you hit the flooring store, let us help you arrive at a decision with this guide on how to choose between engineered and solid hardwood. Need help from an expert?

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