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How to Clean Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring is one of the most inexpensive and low-maintenance flooring option. These are the main reasons why it’s very popular with customers. However, it’s important to know how to clean laminate floors because incorrect maintenance may significantly shorten its period of use and make it look dull. Approaches to cleaning laminate flooring slightly differ from those used when cleaning other types of flooring. Cleaning laminate floors takes more time and effort. Besides, incorrect use of moisture and detergents may hamper the appearance of laminate flooring. For example, excessive moisturizing

The Three Hardwood Cuts

Image: Summit Forest Choosing the right type of hardwood flooring for your home should not be taken lightly. There’s more to it than just going to your local dealer and placing an order. You have to pick among different hardwood species with varying sizes and types of finish. On top of these, there are also three hardwood cuts that you need to choose from. You may be thinking that this is no longer necessary, and whichever cut will do. However, you’ll be surprised that the type of hardwood cut plays

Top Hardwood Flooring Styles for Your Home

Image: Tuscan Floor Tiles There is no wonder why many homeowners prefer solid hardwood flooring. It’s strong, durable and helps add value to any property. On top of these traits, hardwood floors look slick, elegant, and have the beauty that lasts a lifetime. They never get out of trend. If you pick solid hardwood as your flooring of choice, the only thing that you have to think about is the style. In that regard, let us be of help with this list of top hardwood flooring styles for your home.

How to Prepare Your Home for Flooring Installation

Image: Workforce After purchasing the new flooring materials for your house, you are probably very excited to see them installed already. Who wouldn’t be? To see your floor with a fresh design is like looking at yourself after a makeover. However, don’t get too excited yet. You still need to prepare your home properly for the installation. Doing so will make the installation much easier and will lead to best results. Here are the best ways to get your home ready for flooring installation. Clean the rooms and remove all

Best Flooring Solutions in 2018

There is an excellent number of best flooring options currently available in the market. After reading this article, you can choose the best flooring options matching individual requirements of your home ambience. In this review we will consider seven flooring options to provide you with the most extensive information related to flooring. Hardwood Flooring Hardwood flooring is a favourite option for homeowners if they can afford it. It’s very durable, has a natural appearance and brilliant shine. Hardwood flooring is used in luxurious homes and business venues. Advantages: ·       Classy

Flooring Laminate vs. Hardwood: Which One to Choose?

Choosing from several types of flooring can be challenging. One of the most frequently asked questions relates to the differences between laminate and hardwood. Hardwood seems to be more durable, but more expensive. However, laminate has certain advantages as well. This article will help you identify the type of flooring which would fit the design and functionality of your home or apartment.  Characteristics of Laminate Flooring Before making the right choice we need to understand the differences between laminate and hardwood. Basically, laminate flooring is an imitation of hardwood. Laminate

About Burnaby

BC Best Flooring in Burnaby

photo by Hello BC Burnaby, British Columbia Burnaby is one of the known cities in British Columbia. It is on the east side of Vancouver. It is determined to be third in terms of population. The city was established in the year 1982 but was only declared as a city after a century. It is home to different commercial and big industrial firms. It has the second largest mall in the province which is the Metropolis at Metrotown. Learn more about this lovely city.    Location The land area of Burnaby

About Vancouver

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Vancouver, British Columbia Vancouver is known to be one of the busiest seaports in British Columbia. It is in the West Coast area. It is considered as one of the densest and most diverse cities in Canada. Geographically speaking, the city has mountains around it. It is the seat of entertainment in BC with thriving music and entertainment scenes. There are also different parks, museums and places that tourists can spend their day in to enjoy their time with the family.   Location It is found on the Burrard Peninsula.

How to Select the Right Flooring for Your Property

Engineered and Solid Hardwood Flooring

People tend to search for the perfect things for their home. Where did this come from? In the past, there was no doubt about which flooring to choose, as the only option had to be merely affordable. Among the most favourable ones were the well-known carpets, vinyl and linoleum flooring. However, the modern market offers a lot more, than just that. For example, bamboo and cork floorings are considered to be eco-friendly for your household. If you are willing to protect the nature, laminate flooring is made out of recycled

How to Measure the Square Feet of Your Room For Flooring

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Are you planning to renovate your room and change the flooring material? Or maybe you want to install a wall-to-wall carpet. If so, then one of the things that you should know is the square feet measurement of the room. Although, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Some places are perfect square or rectangle, but some have odd shapes. Still, you need to measure even the smallest part of a room, in order come up with exact area calculation. It takes time and patience. But knowing how to measure

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