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Hardwood floor is beautiful and make any home feel comfortable and inviting. When you make use of solid hardwood flooring for your floors, you give your home a new look. 

There is a wide range of styles, widths and finishes to choose from. You just have to pick the right one that best complement’s your home. It is advisable for people to make use of hardwood flooring for their homes because it’s a long-term home investment, it increases the value of your house, and it goes with the colour tone of your apartment.

If you ever need flooring done, we advise you go for hardwood flooring that is installed by BC BEST FLOORING®.

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Why hardwood flooring:

Wear and durability

Till today, there are still hardwood floors installed as far back as 100 years ago, which still have their quality intact. This is because Hardwood floors are made from a single piece of wood, and this makes it last longer. Proper estimation shows that a well-installed hardwood floor will last for up to 75 to 100 years. If properly maintained, refinishing can be done every 8-20 years depending on how heavy the foot traffic in your home is.

Making use of a good top-coat when finishing the floor will go a long way in helping the floor resist scratches and stains. Hardwood floors are sturdy and scratch-resistant although, they can be easily flawed by a heavy or sharp object.


Lengths, Materials and Patterns

Red oak, yellow birch, maple, mahogany, White oak, ash, hickory, walnut, beech, and pine species are the most commonly used hardwood for flooring, with Oak being one of the hardest and most durable hardwood pine, while also one of the softest. Pine can be used in homes where there is no massive traffic but not in commercial buildings.
The width of the hardwood floor planks ranges from 2 ¼ to 6, and custom planks are even more extensive. As a rule of thumb, wood with less width produce more beautiful or formal appearance; while woods with wider diameters are used in places where a traditional, old world, colonial, or country style is preferred.
There are Exotic woods such as Sakura and kemps, and these trees are used by few flooring companies.

choosing hardwood floor
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Leading Brands and Trending

The Hardwood never went out of fashion; they are probably enjoying a rebirth. It is in your best interest when you contact BC Best Flooring Company to handle your Flooring needs.

Commonly used hardwood flooring:

Hand Scraped Hardwood

This is also known as hand scraped, it comes in different designs, styles and goes back to the days when planks are handmade.

Wider Wood Planks

People now prefer to go back to the old-fashioned type of flooring. This involves using wider planks and this method is rapidly becoming a trend in the flooring industry.

 Authentic Styling
Homeowners want a design for their home that is evergreen, brought from a time when life was slow and more relaxed.

Exotic Woods

Every year, new exotic woods are introduced into the flooring industry. As of now, Sakura, tigerwood, Kempa, Brazilian cherry wood and teak are some of the most popular exotic woods.

choosing hardwood floor
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Home flooring pros like BC Best Flooring Company recommend the installation of quarter-sawn hardwood on the radiant heat systems.

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FAQs About Solid Hardwood Floor:

• Q: Why should I go for solid hardwood flooring?

A: Hardwood floors last long and can occasionally be refinished, unlike the engineered wood. Also, solid hardwoods are beautiful and more preferable for homes than carpet or another flooring.

• Q: Can hardwood be glued to concrete?

A: No. hardwood changes in sizes and dimension with changes in humidity and temperature. If glued it could cause cracking. It should not be used on top of concrete.

• Q: Can I use hardwood floor in my basement?

A: Hardwood is not ideal for basements. Engineered wood is a better choice for your basement flooring.

• Q: Can I use solid wood flooring over radiant floor heating?

A: Yes you can, but you must make use of a subfloor. When nailing down the wood, be careful of the water lines underneath.
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