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Sometimes solid hardwood floors maintenance sometimes became tough, and when refinished it stand more to withstand dents, scratches, and spills. Here are things you should have in mind when using solid hardwood.

Like all the maintenance flooring guides with is few tips, your floors remain intact for a more extended period.

The Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

Sweeping and cleaning your floor is the most natural and most common way to care for your hardwood floors. We also suggest a vacuum without a beater bar, just suction.
Once a month you can use alcohols that are part of the floor cleaner’s kit to clean your floors.

hardwood floor maintenance
Image: Flooring HQ

Avoiding Scratches and Dents

Best way to prevent scratches and dents:

  • Be sure to have carpets in all high-traffic areas.
  • Make Use of pads under the legs of all furniture.
  • Use carpet scraps with the nap down under each leg of your furniture when moving them and slide the furniture.
  • Get cloth boots for dogs or keep dogs off the hardwood floors.
  • Make sure to Use handcarts that have balloon tires in place of hard tires.

Avoiding Damage by water

  • Dry up any liquid spill as quickly as possible
  • If your shoes are wet, make sure you set them on a mat before going in.
  • In winter, make sure you remove snow and ice from your shoe treads before going inside.
  • If the doormat inside your home gets wet, hang it up to dry.

Taking Care of Problems

During protective finish, it is normal for your floors to get scratched. Most of these scratches cannot be seen. Adding new top coat after 3-4 years can bring back the lustre of the floor.

hardwood maintanence
Image: iSCV Floorsmith

For scratches that are visible:

  • Apply stain from scratch using a cotton swab.
  • Use manufacturers provided kits.
  • Use magic makers that have the same colour on the floor.
  • Wax stick of the same colour can also be used.
  • You can apply to sand and apply to finish if your floors haven’t been refinished.

The main advantage of hardwood flooring is that it can be refinished for any amount of time you want. The study shows that a floor is due for refinishing after 12 years.

Depending on the level of movement a floor gets, you can refinish your floors after 7-20 years. When it comes to restoring your floors to its original state BC Best Flooring Company are the best in the business.

hardwood floor maintenance
Image: acfloorsanding.com.au

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Maintenance and Care, FAQs

• Q: What cleaning agent is not advisable?

A: when cleaning your floors do not use a steam cleaner, vinegar, ammonia cleaners, wax, polyurethane finishes.

• Q: Can we get juice stains off our hardwood floors?

A: If the stain has gotten deep into the wood, it can only be removed by sanding the floor.

• Q: What should you do if your hardwood floor gets wet?

A: if the floor gets wet due to a leaking pipe or something similar to that, be calm. Dry up the water as quickly as possible.

• Q: Can you mop hardwood floors?

A: Yes, but your mop should be just a little wet.

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