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Whistler is a small town just around 78 miles north of Vancouver. It’s one of the best year-round travel destinations because of its skiing and snowboarding resorts, two magnificent mountains, and the best mountain bike park in the world. Along with beautiful lakes and rivers, vast forests, and fresh air; Whistler is also one of the best towns to live near the Vancouver area. It’s also a place where hardwood flooring installation is perfect for homes.

The houses in Whistler are gorgeous and made suitable for the town’s climate and surroundings. Just a couple months ago, BC Best Flooring completed a hardwood flooring installation for a Whistler dwelling. The homeowner decided to give his home a new engineered hardwood floor during a well-needed renovation. In a place with almost a month of temperature less than -10°C, engineered hardwood is the perfect flooring for homes. It is very stable and less prone to expansion and contraction.

Here is the complete process that took place:

1.    Old Hardwood Flooring Removal

For this hardwood installation project in Whistler, our expert technicians began by removing the old hardwood flooring of the house. They removed baseboards and floor vent covers first, then the actual old hardwood floor, which expanded throughout the property. The old hardwood flooring removal took 2 days to complete until the main concrete floor showed up. The team also removed glue residues, as well as anything that made the base flooring uneven. They cleaned the concrete floor thoroughly as a preparation for the actual hardwood flooring installation.

2.    Application of Vapor Retarder

A hardwood flooring installation requires a vapour retarder on top of the concrete. It prevents the concrete moisture from reaching the actual hardwood flooring. For this project, our expert technician’s used asphalt felt with asphalt mastic as the underlayment.

3.    Plywood Sub-flooring Installation

Hardwood flooring can be installed on either a plywood subfloor or sleeper subfloor. For this home in Whistler, we used a plywood subflooring. The first step was to make sure that the vapour barrier is flat without any bubbles. Then, the team installed a 5/8” inch plywood sub-floor by fastening it down to the concrete base with a vapour retarder.

4.    Hardwood Flooring Installation

It took 2 days to do the actual hardwood flooring for both on grade floor and above grade floor. The homeowner has kindly prepared a cutting area for our specialist technicians outside their home. It’s where the measuring and cutting of the engineered hardwood boards were done. The installation was done expertly and smoothly, following a left-to-right installation pattern on all the room floors. Our team completed the entire project in just 5 days. Our expert technicians breathed new life into a space needing quality renovation.

Trust Your Hardwood Flooring Installation To The Professionals

Hardwood flooring is perhaps one of the best, if not the best type of flooring that your home can have. An installation project should be done with care and precision in order to achieve the best result. It usually takes years of hardwood installation experience for a technician to get such results.

That’s what we offer at BC Best Flooring. Breathe a new life into your home with a quality renovation using our Hardwood Flooring Installation Project. Call us now or inquire online and let our expert installers provide your home with the elegance and beauty that only hardwood flooring can give.

Project info

Type of project: Flooring Installation

Location: Whistler

Budget: Over $25000

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