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Hardwood Stairs

Hardwood Stairs and Flooring Installation in East Vancouver

One of the hardwood stairs and flooring installation projects that BC Best Flooring prides itself. The homeowner received our services and we have successfully installed hardwood stairs and flooring on their three-floor detached home in East Vancouver. Here is the complete process:

  1. Size Measurement – After contacting BC Best Flooring, our expert technicians went to the client’s home to get the precise measurements of the space allotted for the stairs as well as the 2nd-floor landing. The end measurement is in square foot and has an additional 10% to compensate for possible waste brought about by cutting the wood.
  2. Price estimation – Once the final floor measurement was determined, our expert technicians went back to the office to calculate the estimated cost of installation and called the customer on the same day.
  3. Hardwood acclimation – When the customer has agreed with the price estimate, the flooring materials were ordered and delivered the next day. Our technicians told the customer to do acclimation of the hardwoods for a minimum of three days before the actual installation. Acclimation refers to the process of reaching a moisture balance or equilibrium with your home. Hardwoods for houses in dry environment needs longer time for acclimation.
  4. Wood Floor Installation – After three days of acclimation, our technicians arrived early in the morning during the day of installation. They’ll set the saws and start right away. For the 2nd floor landing, we laid down a sub-floor made of 5/8-inch plywood. For the stairs, the nosing was in standard 1 ¼ inch, the tread runs were 10 inches each, and the headroom was 6 feet and 8 inches. The total number of risers was determined by dividing the total rise with the measurement of each riser (7.5 inches). After cutting of the hardwood planks, they were installed expertly and with precision.

The whole process took 10 days to complete from the pre-measurement up to the installation of the hardwood stairs and 2nd-floor landing. The actual installation took 2 days with the stairs and flooring done on separate days.

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Hardwood stairs installation is not an easy undertaking. It requires accuracy of techniques and process execution that leaves very little room for mistake. However, with our Experts, you don’t have to worry about anything. Let our professionals at BC Best Flooring take care of your home. With our installation knowledge and artistic creativity, we can guarantee you with the best hardwood stairs and flooring that will give warmth and beauty to your home for a long time. Contact Our Expert Now

Project info

Type of project: Flooring Installation

Location: Stairs and Floors Installation in East Vancouver

Budget: over $20000

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