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Do you find yourself in need of good commercial flooring in Vancouver? Are you fed up with looking for reliable commercial flooring installers in Vancouver? Are you nodding your head and thinking back on your recent struggles? Yes? Then you’re in the right place! This article is the end to all your headaches because you’ve just found the highest rated commercial flooring contractors in the Vancouver area!

Why is that? Well, we at BC Best Flooring handle both the sale and installation of the best quality commercial floors in British Columbia, and we’ve been ranked #1 in Vancouver since 1999 as the top rated flooring contractor. So, settle down with a choice beverage and let us show you exactly why we belong at the top!

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We Provide Any Type of Commercial Flooring for Your Needs

Within Vancouver, as well as in nearby towns and cities, we are known for providing the best and most durable products and for our boundless variety. We have something for everyone, as we are about to show you in this section. Commercial flooring is a mark of greatness among buildings, and we bring a whole slew of options for you to consider:

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of our most popular products. We have a lot of ways of using vinyl, and the first of these is vinyl planks. Our vinyl planks are much more durable than similar products on the market, with commercial-grade wear resistance. Our vinyl flooring is also covered by a ten to fifteen-year warranty, ensuring that the aesthetic of your commercial space is preserved no matter what life throws at you.

However, instead of planks, you might opt for vinyl tiles. The tiles are available in 9” × 9” and 12” x 12” sizes and are free of formaldehyde and phthalates. There’s no need to be concerned about negative consequences because the VOC content is low at best. On top of that, we bring our patented durability to bear, so you have even less holding you back from snatching this up!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is another excellent option. This is a much less expensive option to hardwood flooring, but it’s just as beautiful and much easier to clean and maintain. A photographic pattern layer lies on a substrate composed of either plastic or engineered flooring. The laminate layer protects this, making it extremely robust. It is a fairly simple technology, but it just works.

Our laminate floors are the highest rated. Laminate floors can last years longer than hardwood floors with only a little soapy water, which is why we recommend them in homes with dogs and children.

How Much Does Commercial Flooring Installation Cost?

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Looks matter. That is why our customers come to us for flooring. However, just as much as they want it, they are hesitant to invest due to the high cost of commercial flooring. Yes, it can be expensive, but the price depends on a variety of factors. It’s impossible to set the average price of commercial flooring because it depends on the materials you use, the sort of flooring you choose for your building, and whether or not you need repairs. The cost of installing floors will vary depending on the company you employ, as well.

This is why we are British Columbia’s top-rated contractor. Our company is in charge of both sales and installation of our goods. Other contractors may not be the best at what they do and may end up damaging your flooring unintentionally, but that’ll never happen with us. We make sure that our clients get the best price because we handle everything. Pick up the phone and call us right now for quotes on the best flooring for commercial use!

What Makes Us the Best at Commercial Flooring Installation?

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You’ve read about our range of products, our professional services, and our low cost to install new commercial floors. What more do we have to offer you? Value for money. In order to do so, we pay close attention to the details. This is what cements our legacy as the best commercial flooring installation company.

For example, we value your time. We recognize that you have a hectic schedule. As a result, we never fail to meet a deadline. We are always on time, which is a quality that not everyone can claim. Our skilled team is committed to meeting every requirement you lay at our feet!


Wherever you live in British Columbia, you will have nothing to worry about once you opt to sign up with the best Vancouver flooring company. Since 1999, we have been the number one flooring company, and we are here to help you. That’s a promise from BC BEST FLOORING®.

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