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For homes and properties with multiple floors, the hardwood stairs are just as important as the rooms inside. Some homeowners even consider it more important because it can serve as the focal point to the interior design of the property. The stairs can be used as the centrepiece when decorating your home. That is why the installation of hardwood stairs and its flooring should not be taken for granted. It should be done perfectly because aside from aesthetic reasons, proper installation of the stairs and flooring will also ensure the safety of your family.

When it comes to stairs and flooring in Vancouver, there’s no better service than what BC BEST FLOORING can offer. We provide top-quality hardwood stairs and flooring installation in Vancouver; as well as sanding, staining, and finishing. Our team of professional installers can help you create the perfect staircase for your home and your family. Whether you are choosing a wooden or laminate stairs, we can guarantee an expertly and securely built one for you.

Below are the reasons why you should choose BC Best Flooring’ Stairs and Flooring Installation Vancouver project:

Installation with Accuracy

Hardwood Stairs and flooring installation may look like a simple task to many people, but it isn’t. In fact, it takes a detail-oriented, accuracy-focused, and artistic individual to install a staircase perfectly. There are many things that have to be considered. These include the correct number of risers, the adequate distance between risers, and enough amount of available headroom. All of these things should be well-planned to make sure that the stairs are sturdy and secured.

At BC Best Flooring, we have expert technicians that treat every staircase installation as a unique situation. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. We study each individual home and evaluate its structure to come up with the best strategy for building installing hardwood stairs and flooring in Vancouver area. After that, our team will discuss with you the style and design of the stairs and flooring.

The end goal of the Hardwood Stairs and Flooring Installation Vancouver project is to build and install a staircase that will combine the current features of your home and your personal preference so that you’ll be happy with the result in terms of aesthetics and safety.

Extensive Experience with Hardwood Stairs and Flooring Installation in Vancouver

BC Best Flooring is British Columbia’s largest flooring installation company and has been providing the best stairs and flooring installation in Vancouver since 1999. Our specialist technicians are experts in installation services for any types of stairs and flooring materials. We can proudly say that we always achieve full customer satisfaction with our services. Contact us or visit our sites and we’ll discuss how we can install quality hardwood stairs and flooring for your home.

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