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Flooring is a hugely important component of a good house that should never fall under the radar. The first thing most people see when they enter your home is the floor beneath them, and having an appealing hardwood floor will make sure your house nails that first impression. But the average person might not have a comprehensive understanding of flooring. What makes flooring good? What sets it apart? How many different options do people have?

These types of questions are normal, and we’re here to help with a comprehensive breakdown of the different types of hardwood floors out there. Stick around, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to help you get the best flooring in Vancouver and the area around it.

How Many Types of Hardwood Floors are There?

Types of hardwood floors

Narrowing down the different kinds of hardwood flooring options out there isn’t easy. There are more different options than anyone could name. However, there are two primary types that encompass most of the hardwood options: there is solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring.

Solid hardwood flooring is composed of real pieces of single planks of wood taken from different species of trees. Engineered hardwood flooring is more constructed, although it uses real wood as well. Engineered hardwood flooring takes multiple layers of hardwood and presses them together to form a multi-ply surface. Solid hardwood flooring is typically more expensive due to its authenticity, but many value its appearance more. Engineered hardwood flooring is more affordable and durable.

While these are the two primary types of hardwood floors, there are a lot of different kinds of woods that can make up your flooring. Oak, hickory, ash, teak, these are just some of the many different kinds of hardwood materials out there.

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What is the Most Popular Hardwood Floor?

When you enter a home and look down at the floor, there is one kind of hardwood floor that you are likely to see more often than not. Oak is the type of tree that most people use for their flooring. There are benefits to this. Oak is a strong wood that is affordable and durable, and it looks great. There are several different kinds of oak floors that people can choose from, including red oak and white oak. It is a practical option that many people end up choosing because it is affordable and appealing.

Other woods that are commonly used are Maple and Hickory. The majority of homes across Canada are likely to use one of these three types, although every house is different. Each type of wood has unique advantages and disadvantages, so familiarizing yourself with them is important.

Which Hardwood Floor is the Most Durable?

Most durable hardwood floor

When it comes to hardwood flooring, durability should be the first thing on your mind. The more durable your hardwood floor is, the longer your investment will last. To get the most out of your flooring service, you should select one of the types of hardwood flooring that has a reputation for lasting a long time.

Engineered hardwood flooring is said to be more durable than solid hardwood flooring. It can withstand changes in temperature without being impacted, and while it isn’t fully water-resistant, it is much more water-resistant than solid hardwood. There is a scale created to measure the durability of a floor type, known as the Janka scale. It essentially measures how many pounds of force was needed to insert a metal ball halfway into a piece of wood, showing how resilient each wood type is.

Some of the wood types that rate highly on this scale are Brazilian Walnut and Ebony, Acadia, American Hickory, and Brazilian Cherry. Many of the woods that rank highest on this list are exotic woods, which tend to fall on the more expensive side of the spectrum.

Which Hardwood Floor is the Most Expensive?

Hardwood floor has a wide range of potential pricing, and it is largely dependent on the kind of wood you are using. There are cheaper woods, like oak, and there are woods that have much higher associated costs. What typically makes wood more expensive is its scarcity. If you use a rare wood that isn’t native to Canada, it is likely that the acquisition cost of that type of hardwood flooring will make it much more expensive.

There are many different wood types that have extreme costs associated with them. Macassar ebony is a classic example. Macassar ebony is a type of wood that typically is too expensive for full flooring, so it is more often used for things like furniture or carvings. It is a type of wood that only exists on an island in Indonesia, and it typically costs around $150 per square foot. It is exceedingly rare that people use this wood for flooring their homes.

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Which Hardwood Floor is Best?

Best hardwood floor

Picking one type of hardwood flooring that is better than the rest is no simple task. At the end of the day, each hardwood flooring option offers something different for homeowners looking to create the floor of their dreams. Oak is a great option that is durable and cost-effective, Maple is even more durable and has a distinct look, White Ash is an appealingly different option. What makes a hardwood floor best is going to come down to your visual preference, your budget, and what you are looking for out of a flooring type.

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