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Vancouver is known to be one of the busiest seaports in British Columbia. It is in the West Coast area. It is considered as one of the densest and most diverse cities in Canada. Geographically speaking, the city has mountains around it. It is the seat of entertainment in BC with thriving music and entertainment scenes. There are also different parks, museums and places that tourists can spend their day in to enjoy their time with the family.


It is found on the Burrard Peninsula. Vancouver is also found between the Fraser River and Burrard Inlet. These surround the city to the South and North respectively. Vancouver is about 114 kilometers squared in area. This is composed of the flat and mountainous ground. It is also found within the Pacific Time Zone as well as Maritime Ecozone. It is home to one of the biggest urban parks in the continent.


Evidence from archaeologists says that among the first settlers in the area are the Indians. This is in around 500 B.C. George Vancouver who is a known Naval Captain of the British Corps explored the area in 1792. The area started off to be a sawmill settlement. It was first named as Granville. However, in 1886, it was named after the British Captain, Vancouver.

In the British Columbia province, it is considered to have the biggest population. According to the census in the year 2016, there are about 650,000 people living in the city. It is the city with the highest population density of 5,400 people per sq km. It is the number 3 in the metropolitan area in Canada. It is also diverse in ethnicity and linguistics.


Vancouver is a unique city in British Columbia. It was incorporated through the Vancouver Charter. It has more powers than other municipalities found in the province of BC. The Vancouver charter supersedes the Municipalities Act. After the World War II, the Non-Partisan Association dominated the city’s civic government. In 2002, the NPA was affected by the issue on Drug Policy. Thus, the Coalition of Progressive Electors won at a landslide victory.

The City Council, composed of 11 members governs Vancouver. It also has a School Board composed of 9 members. The Park Board is also there, composed by 7 members. The elections are done at-large. The city is a member of Metro Vancouver. The latter is a form of regional government. This oversees some aspects of living in Vancouver such as water supply, solid waste disposal and environmental overseeing.


The Educational system of Vancouver is governed by a School Board. The latest census shows that there are about 110,000 students enrolled. This number is distributed to the elementary, high school and pos-secondary levels. In BC, it is known to be the second largest district. In Greater Vancouver, there are 5 popular public universities including UBC or University of British Columbia.


In general, there is a public health insurance system for residents in Canada. This extends to the residents of the City of Vancouver. Those who are considered as citizens of the country and/or permanent residents can avail of this benefit. Provincially, this is known as Medical Services Plan.

There are a lot of medical and dental facilities in Vancouver. Most Health insurance providers have a list of accredited dentists, physicians and hospitals in the area. In terms of dental health, there are clinics in Vancouver that boasts of world class technique and technology. It is already an emerging field of health. There are clinics focusing on restorative and cosmetic dentistry. A lot of general dentists in Vancouver have specialized into more complicated procedures. You can search for more information about dental clinics in Vancouver in this site.


Vancouver is home to many museums. You can go to the UBC Museum of Anthropology. It is the largest and most significant museum in the province. The Vancouver Art Gallery is found in the downtown. It has exhibits of contemporary art and historical works. There are about 9,000 pieces in its gallery. It is also home to beautiful gardens like the Victoria Butterfly Gardens. It features an indoor jungle with different species of butterflies flying around. There are also other tropical animals featured. There are also parks and historical areas where the family can rest and learn. The Brock House is a Tudor Revival house. This features a restaurant which is open to public gatherings.

Food & Cuisine

Vancouver is a good place to love because of the sceneries and food. It is home to a thriving food industry mostly of Indian, Chinese and other Asian cuisines. There are also world-class chefs which offer Western and European restaurants and experience. Being culturally diverse, there is a wide choice of sharply defined tastes of seasonings from different cultural communities.


As the densest city in the area, the business sector of Vancouver is a robust one. The real estate industry is thriving as many developers come to build or redevelop areas. There are a lot of flooring contractors in the city. Vancouver has many trusted flooring professionals that can work on laminate and hardwood floor installation. These can also provide maintenance and restoration services.

Fun and Amusement

Kids and adults can truly enjoy Vancouver. They can channel their energy in the fun and amusement parks in the city. The Grouse Mountain Skyride is a good place to go for snow sports. There are also adventure and outdoor activities. The Space Centre and Maritime Museum is also a fun place for learning children.

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