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Do you need to change, update, replace, or lay flooring? Don’t DIY the work. Instead, hire the best Burnaby flooring service.

At BC Best Flooring®, we sell, install, repair, and refurbish all floors in Burnaby. You don’t need to look any further for another flooring company in Burnaby. We already offer top-rated flooring types and services at affordable rates.

Commercial Flooring

Do you want to update the flooring for your business or establishment? Do you want to get excellent commercial flooring in the Burnaby area? Let us know today, and we’ll get you the flooring you need.

We know that businesses get a lot of traffic and daily cleaning. Thanks to today’s higher sanitation standards, your floor also needs to withstand harsh cleaning agents and chemicals. Thus, our commercial flooring offers are all durable and of the best quality.

We also understand that every business has a unique aesthetic. We’ve got a wide variety of flooring materials and designs for you to choose from. No matter what style or visual appeal you’re looking for, we can help you find it.

Some commercial spaces need special flooring requirements, and we can help you accomplish those needs. For example, recording booths and function halls need soundproofing, while cafes and restaurants need stain-resistant and tough but stunning floors.

Whatever flooring types or requirements your business needs, we’ll get it for you at the best price.

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Residential Flooring

Do you want to update or change your flooring at home? We also offer residential flooring services and use the highest-rated flooring materials to ensure the best floors for homes and apartments.

Like their owners, all homes are unique and have specific vibes. Some homes have uniform flooring, which can reflect their homeowner’s personality. Other homeowners use different flooring types for the various rooms in the house or apartment.

No matter your preference, the wisest choice you can make is hiring the best floor installers in British Columbia. At BC Best Flooring®, you can find sturdy, beautiful, and long-lasting flooring choices.

If you don’t want to risk the flooring quality of your home, we also offer professional flooring installation. Our expert floorers can even provide excellent recommendations for flooring choices or alternatives. Call us again after a few years for floor refinishing and repairs.

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Flooring for Sale – Find What You Need

Are you only checking the market to buy flooring? We’ve got you covered there, as well. We can sell you a wide variety of flooring materials, including:

Each type of flooring also includes specific subtypes. For example, our solid hardwood flooring options include:

  • Eiffel Hardwood Flooring (European white oak)
  • Tobacco Hardwood Flooring (Birch)
  • Natural Sapele Hardwood flooring (Sapele)

Browse our product collections now and find your ideal flooring type and design.

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How Much Does Flooring Cost in Burnaby?

Every home or business flooring project has unique flooring prices. Several factors will affect how much your flooring will cost, including:

  • Floor measurements
  • Installation or labour costs
  • Floor design
  • Choice of materials
  • Use of other services (sub-flooring or old floor removal services)

The average cost per square foot of Burnaby flooring costs $2 to $5. Remember that the labour cost can cost you between $2 and $2.50 extra per square foot. Don’t forget to add this and other expenses when you plan your flooring budget.

The Best and Most Reliable Flooring Installation in Burnaby

We offer top rated Burnaby flooring installation services

With BC Best Flooring®, you can rest assured that your floor installation will be perfect, from the scheduling to the furnishing.

A significant benefit of working with the best-rated Burnaby flooring installation is that we can work on your flooring quickly. We offer guaranteed results, as well. Instead of a DIY floor installation attempt, you’ll at least have the satisfaction of picking the right choice.

We’ll also come better prepared and have the necessary training and experience. Our flooring installers will do the job right the first time. They also know the proper ways to install flooring and protect your property from unwanted damages or accidents.

Cost of Flooring Installation in Burnaby

As we said, the average cost per square foot for flooring installation in Burnaby will differ depending on your flooring needs. Expect the same with other locations.

Are you in the nearby Burnaby area and want to hire BC Best Flooring® services, too? Contact us for quotes and estimates for your flooring project today.

Reviews of our flooring services

I use BC Best Flooring service a couple of times. They are efficient, fast and installations are completed with care and attention to details. Their finished are always top-notch and their specialists are helpful and highly trained. Thank you, guys!

Jean Wallace

We have worked with BC Best Flooring company for about 4 years now. They not only always meet project dead-line but continue to impress with a high level of craftsmanship and professionalism. Keep it up!

James Pope

BC Best Flooring offered us quick turn-over, exceptional customer service, competitive prices and exemplary high quality of work. Their staff absolute pleasure to work with. I recommend the BC Best Flooring company to other designers and will continue to rely on them for all my wood flooring needs.

Arthur D. Wilkes

We were contacting BC Best Flooring to request flooring installation in our home. With three kids It was so hard to clean the carpet all the time and it gets dirty very quickly so we decided to switch to the hardwood. BC Best Flooring specialists provide great consultation for us and offer a wide variety of options to choose from. The quality of their’s work was beyond our expectations. Now our floors are easy to take care of and our house always looks beautiful. Thank you!

Linda Norman

I am very happy that choose BC Best Flooring company for my flooring installation. These guys know their job very well and helped me a lot through the whole process. They offer me huge selection of wood that would fit my living room so I could find the best suitable option. I am very satisfied with the result and enjoy my new floor.

Florence G. Moss

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