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Bathrooms are known to be wet and slippery. As a result, they are behind 80% of injuries caused by falling. Additionally, the injuries leave behind scars, marks, or bruises.

Research shows people slip and fall in the bathroom for different reasons. Some people fall while taking a shower, some slip while using the toilet, and others lose their balance while getting out of the tub.

Elder folks and children are more prone to injuries in the bathroom.

Your bathroom floor can greatly impact your safety. Ask yourself- is your bathroom flooring meant to handle wet conditions?

Let’s explore the best flooring for a bathroom to protect your family. Choosing the wrong type of flooring will lead to falls and injuries. Additionally, we will explore other nuances that make your bathroom floor safer.

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What Types of Flooring Should You Use in Your Bathroom?

Bathroom flooring

You can use different types of flooring for your bathroom. Here are some popular options you can try for your bathroom flooring.

Natural Stone Floor

Natural stone can enhance the beauty of any surroundings instantly. You can use natural stone tiles for your bathroom floor for a great aesthetic appeal.

Best of all, you will be able to choose from a range of natural stones to suit your preferences. The list includes granite, marble, limestone, and more.

Natural stone tiles are also water-resistant and protect the flooring underneath. It is also easier to clean and maintain the natural stone.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain are affordable choices for your bathroom floor. They are made from clay and are available in many designs, sizes, and shapes. And you can easily find a pattern or design to suit your interiors.

Additionally, ceramic and porcelain are waterproof.

Concrete Floor

Concrete floors can be a good option if you have a limited budget. You can complete your flooring with the rest of the house with the same building materials.

Concrete is resistant to water and lasts many years. They are also easy to clean but may be slippery when wet.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a great choice to bring a rustic look into your bathroom. Additionally, A wooden floor can complement structures like cabins and cottages.

Engineered wood is made to be more water-resistant than regular wood. You may even opt for different finishes to suit your tastes.

Engineered wood uses real hardwood veneer as the top layer for moisture protection.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl has become a common choice for bathroom flooring due to its convenience and affordability. You can also choose from a range of styles and designs to make your bathroom look beautiful.

Moreover, a vinyl floor is easy to install and maintain. It also protects your floor from water and provides good longevity.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is also becoming popular for bathroom flooring. It uses resin-laced paper on top of a wood chip foundation for sturdiness.

The top layer also has a protective coating from water and damage. However, water may still seep into the chip wood base and cause damage.

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What is the Safest Flooring for Bathrooms?

Best flooring for bathroom

It is natural to be concerned about safety while choosing your bathroom flooring. It is a place where water is ever-present, making slips and falls more likely.

As a result, bathroom flooring with textures may be a safer option. You may find textures on tiles or ceramic blocks that provide grip while taking a shower.

Moreover, they keep your feet stable and don’t allow you to slip and fall.

In addition, go for a flooring material that dries quickly. Vinyl, natural stone, and similar materials don’t hold water and get dry quickly.

On the other hand, a natural wood floor will stay wet for a long time. You may also notice the growth of moss that makes the floor more slippery.

In addition, ensure the right alignment for your bathroom floor to drain the water completely.

Is Vinyl or Laminate Better for Bathrooms?

Vinyl and laminate may be suitable options for different conditions. For example, vinyl bathroom flooring is ideal for bathrooms that stay wet for most of the day.

On the other hand, Laminate flooring is suited for less moistened areas.

Laminate floors are durable, but they are made of several layers that may wear off. Additionally, you cannot remove scratches from laminate flooring.

Vinyl flooring comes in different qualities. The best of them is fully waterproof and won’t be damaged by the constant presence of moisture.

Vinyl is also highly sturdy and has low maintenance. They are also good for commercial restrooms and can withstand a heavy footfall.

Vinyl is a better choice for residences with families. It cannot withstand long exposure or accumulation of water and faces degradation.

What Type of Flooring is Best for Bathrooms?

You can choose from a range of materials and types of bathroom flooring. Today, most of these materials are durable and provide value for money. However, some materials like natural stone or vinyl flooring may be suitable for moist areas. Professional buildings may be okay with porcelain or even laminate flooring.

It all comes down to your needs and home to choose the right bathroom flooring. You will also have to factor in your budget as materials are priced differently.

However, you should consider some priorities like waterproofing, durability, anti-slipping mechanism, and similar features to keep your family safe. The floor should also become dry quickly.

Your bathroom floor is a crucial aspect in determining the well-being of your family. There are several types of bathroom flooring available made from various materials. Research the different materials and see which one suits your needs the best. You can also take the assistance of an expert flooring company for professional guidance and expert services. We are the top choice for all sorts of bathroom flooring in Greater Vancouver.

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