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Burnaby, British Columbia

Burnaby is one of the known cities in British Columbia. It is on the east side of Vancouver. It is determined to be third in terms of population. The city was established in the year 1982 but was only declared as a city after a century. It is home to different commercial and big industrial firms. It has the second largest mall in the province which is the Metropolis at Metrotown. Learn more about this lovely city. 



The land area of Burnaby is around 38.07 square miles. It is geographically found at central Metro Vancouver. At its west is the city of Vancouver. In the east of Burnaby, Port Moody and New Westminster can be found. In the north, Burnaby is surrounded by Burrard Inlet. Finally, in the south, the Fraser River can be located. All of these places comprise the Burrard Peninsula. Burnaby is elevated at a maximum sea level of 1,200 feet. The landscape is generally composed of ridges and valleys. There are also hills and alluvial plain. 



The city was named after the legislator, Robert Burnaby. The citizens, in a unanimous decision, chose this name at the time of its incorporation. Burnaby has served as Colonel Richard Moody’s secretary, the first Commissioner for the B.C. Colony. The city’s growth was highly influenced by the expansion of other urban centres such as New Westminster and Vancouver. At first, it was providing agricultural supplies to markets. Upon expansion as a metropolis, it became a suburb of Vancouver. It has shifted from rural to suburban to urban. 

The population of Burnaby is more or less 250,000 in 2011. The population density is about 6,380.4/square miles. 

The city is warmed by the currents of the Pacific Ocean. It is also protected by mountains. Thus, its weather is known to be mild all year. The temperature in summer is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. During winter, it is as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is one of the places in Canada with mild weather. Snow happens rarely. 



Burnaby has a left-wing council. This council is connected with the provincial board (NDP) as well as the school board. Burnaby is the number one best run city in the country. This is because the city has efficient services for its residents. It can also provide lesser costs but produce more income results in its projects. 



Canada is home to a lot of good and quality universities in North America. Some of which are found in Burnaby. The most popular due to the number of students and courses among all others is Simon Fraser University. It offers a variety of majors and course choices for university students out there. Other schools are Thompson Rivers University-Open University and Sprott-Shaw College of Trade. 



The health care system is as organized as the surrounding cities such as Vancouver. The Center of Health is the one responsible for giving the residents quality services. They provide residential and medical care. Some of the programs also include assisted living and home health. Public health is also one of the core missions of the city. There are also centres for mental health and rehabilitation centres for substance abuse support. 



There are a lot of places to visit when in Burnaby. Most of these are for free. Kids will surely love a stroll in the Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel. The art enthusiasts can go the Vancouver Art Gallery to appreciate the exhibits. The Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Center will give you a glimpse of Canada and Japan’s history. 


Food & Cuisine

It is the third-biggest city in British Columbia. With this fact, it is expected that it has a thriving dining scene. There are cuisines with Pacific Northwest taste. People can also go for the fish and chips. Few of the most popular restaurants include The Pear Tree Restaurant. The Safari Snack House is also well loved for its Indo-African cuisine. 



As an urban city, business in Burnaby is truly booming, Finances come in due to the influx of investors in Burnaby. One of the thriving fields in the business sector is the real estate. Residential and Commercial properties are sold regularly on local and online markets. Residents and transferees from other cities make use of the services of Burnaby real estate companies to aid them in their transactions. For homeowners, the assistance of contractors for flooring, roofing and other home repairs are hired. There are a lot of choices in Burnaby. 


Fun and Amusement

Burnaby is a good place for someone who is an active traveller. From Vancouver, the city is just 15 minutes away. There are mountains and parks to view during the good season. For those who love shopping, Metrotown is a diamond among the stones. The Heights is a place to go for world’s best cuisines. The Michael J. Fox Theater is also the best places to be on a Friday night. The parks and lakes in Burnaby are popular among tourists. 

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