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Laminate flooring is one of the most inexpensive and low-maintenance flooring option. These are the main reasons why it’s very popular with customers. However, it’s important to know how to clean laminate floors because incorrect maintenance may significantly shorten its period of use and make it look dull.

Approaches to cleaning laminate flooring slightly differ from those used when cleaning other types of flooring. Cleaning laminate floors takes more time and effort. Besides, incorrect use of moisture and detergents may hamper the appearance of laminate flooring. For example, excessive moisturizing can cause tiles, swelling, warping or displacement of laminate planks. Besides, using aggressive detergents may lead to discolouration of laminate floors or even structure disturbance. Luckily, it is not necessary to perform deep wet cleaning of laminate too often, especially cleaning of laminate floors imitating wood look because dirt isn’t noticeable on this type of flooring. Anyway, we have to do it from time to time. In this article, we will share how to do it.

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Using a microfiber dust mop is very much welcome for the start. Try to move as much furniture as possible out of your way to achieve the maximum result. It is necessary to brush laminate flooring following the same direction as the planks are put. Microfiber dust mop fits this type of flooring best because it helps clean laminate gently without making any scratches. By moving the dust mop along the planks you will remove more dirt hidden in the cracks. Using vacuum cleaners is a good idea as well: hose attachments are perfect for getting the dust collected in the room corners.


It is important to know that using wax or polish isn’t a good idea for laminate flooring as the finish layer becomes dull. In addition, the floor becomes slippery after polishing – this can be dangerous for home inhabitants. It is better to use a professional hard surface cleaner together with a microfiber cloth. If you’re not sure which cleaning products to use, ask the sales associate where you purchased your laminate flooring to ensure that you’re not going to use inappropriate detergents or void manufacturer warranties.

Only a small amount of detergents is required to clean your laminate flooring. After cleaning it needs to be thoroughly wiped. The laminate cleaner should be applied to a microfiber cloth and then you should start buffing. Don’t forget to slightly re-squirt you microfiber cloth when cleaning.


Try to avoid spills. If any liquid dropped on the laminate flooring, you need to wipe the floor as soon as possible because liquid can leak into the cracks and tiles. As a result, planks may expand and become loose.


Drying laminate flooring after cleaning is necessary because sometimes water spots are left after cleaning. Moreover, laminate flooring tends to form water spots even if you squeezed cloth carefully. Dry your floor with the help of a towel to avoid water spots and make it shine.


The following tips will help you clean and maintain laminate flooring in the best way:


  • Placing rugs in the areas of high traffic (halls, living rooms, near a couch, etc.) can help protect your laminate flooring and make your room cosier;
  • Felt padding under furniture will prevent laminate floors from scratches;
  • Using a broom or vacuum cleaner is a good solution for cleaning laminate floors, especially for removing surface dirt;
  • Mild cleaners are very much appreciated;
  • Regular sweeping laminate floors will help remove everyday dirt to reduce the number of wet cleaning procedures;
  • If you decided to clean laminate floors with the help of a vacuum, soft brush attachments should be used;
  • Perform wet cleaning two times a month when floor becomes notably dirty. Frequent wet cleaning is not desirable for laminate floors;
  • Use rather hot, not lukewarm or steaming hot water when doing a wet cleaning. The optimal temperature for wet cleaning of laminate flooring is 40̊̊ by Celsius.

how to clean laminate flooring

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  • Using detergents that contain ammonia is not recommended for laminate floors because they can remove its protective coat with time;
  • Steam cleaning isn’t recommended for the laminate floor as well because excessive heat and water can damage it;
  • Sometimes shoe scuffs or crayon stains remain on the laminate flooring. Surprisingly, they can be removed with the help of old nylon stockings!
  • Using bleaches, strong solvents or abrasive polish is not a good idea since these substances can damage the upper layer of your laminate floors.
  • Using a standard floor brush with stiff bristles isn’t recommended because the brush can make scratches on the floor or damage its surface.

The durability of your laminate flooring and its appearance depends on how you maintain it. Proper care for laminate flooring can help keep it at best and make it serve you for many years.

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