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People tend to search for the perfect things for their home. Where did this come from? In the past, there was no doubt about which flooring to choose, as the only option had to be merely affordable. Among the most favourable ones were the well-known carpets, vinyl and linoleum flooring.

However, the modern market offers a lot more, than just that. For example, bamboo and cork floorings are considered to be eco-friendly for your household. If you are willing to protect the nature, laminate flooring is made out of recycled materials that were previously supposed to be landfilled.
With such a wide range of alternatives, an investigation has to be made to understand the purpose of each material, as well as how much will it cost to install and maintain.

A great example of a high-quality content is vinyl plank moisture-proof flooring, which is offered by Bestlaminate. It combines a luxury feeling with relatively low initial cost and low maintenance.

Floors get smeared.

Just imagine how much impact your floor gets throughout the day. Poisonous chemicals from your favourite cleaning products, indentations from the furniture and other day-to-day setups.
The actual appearance of your home cannot be made without a tidy floor. An irresponsibly chosen material can collect allergies and be non-durable in a long-run. To make the best decision, there have to be facts obtained about the source of a particular element, the
guaranteed lifespan and flooring installation costs.

Image: The Spruce

Carpets are sponges for allergens, grime and dust.

With no doubt, a great looking carpet is a staple piece in an apartment. There is a numerous variety of relatively inexpensive carpets that are easy and fast to install. Unfortunately, those
soft to touch and cosy carpets sooner or later become a beloved haven for billions of allergens.

An average vacuum cleaner will never be able to keep your carpet clean of all the dirt, grime and dust mites that sit deep within the threads. The best way to keep your home free of allergens is to merely throw the carpet away. If you still enjoy the soft feeling under your feet, throw a rug on your glossy stone, hardwood or laminate flooring as you can clean it more thoroughly.

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Solid laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is widely used for its easy installation abilities, low price, environmentally friendly nature, a broad diversity of possible colours, designs and styles. Nonetheless, its ease of cleaning protects your family from allergies. Typically, laminate floors are created out of wood fibres, which are glued together in layers, to make both flexible and strong product. The top layer is where we see the design attached. But the construction does not end here.

The top layer is covered by a clear film that can resist any chemical spills or stains. There is no heavy maintenance involved other than a mopping from time to time. The best part of it is that laminate flooring can be easily installed by the homeowner without any tools.

Hardwood flooring.

Many old-school gymnasiums and dance halls have got hardwood flooring. Indeed, the beautiful impact it makes cannot be cheap. These surfaces are cut from live trees and are difficult to
install. Nonetheless, hardwood floors have to be sanded and resealed periodically to maintain the attractive appearance. Unlike the high gloss laminate flooring, hardwood is prone to scratches, sun influence, stains and wears significantly from the high traffic. The Quick-Step Reclaimed Collection not only has the look of bamboo flooring, but also feels like it, but without the possible high cost.

Stone motives.

Tile and stone represent the feeling of stability. Despite the full range of prices, it does require expert installation, which adds to the cost. The unique solution used to install stone and tile floors, needs specific cleaning methods, as it can crumble and be stained. Do not forget about the critical characteristics such flooring gets when wet!

Also, if any substantial item is dropped on a stone or tile, it is more likely a crack will appear, that will become a chipped disaster in no time. Once again, laminate flooring and luxury vinyl tile flooring has got a lot of varieties of stone design, but without all the costs and precautions.

As it is advertised, cork and bamboo are considered environmentally friendly options. However, how can this be an ultimate truth, when harvesting the material ruins the natural habitat? At this
time, landfills are nothing else than overtaxed fields of materials, that can have a second life. Eventually, luxury flooring requires professional installation that raises the price to
the sky. Bestlaminate offers you the most significant materials with their strong abilities with luxury feeling. Install your floor during the weekend and enjoy the beautiful transformation that lasts for

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