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Living in a studio apartment is on the high increment, buyers tastes are changing. The choice for open living spaces is increasing and having an open kitchen is becoming usual. Gone are the times of formal lounge areas, parlours and enclosed kitchens à la Mad Men!
Bringing together a dining room with a kitchen and the family bedroom to make a significant living space is becoming popular. One of the most significant problems for this open living space is choosing the type of floor to go with the whole area.
Can you make use of hardwood floors in your kitchen? Yes with the help of an experienced flooring company like BC BEST FLOORING® it can be done professionally!
Here are things to put into consideration when choosing a hardwood floor for your kitchen.


kitchen flooring
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The kitchen is a high-activity area in any home. These days, this is mainly common with open living spaces, in which the kitchens are used for both eating and hanging out. Kitchen islands—a hot product right now—are proof of this:
We are concerned that too many foot traffic on hardwood floors reduce the beauty. But not to worry you can make in nowadays. On the market right now you can find hardwood floors with the best quality. What you need to do just give us a call for consultation and your premium quality hardwood floors can now be enjoyed for years to come.


wear and tear flooring
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You drop and spill liquids in your kitchen than other room this means that the rate of wear and tear of your kitchen is high. This won’t be a problem if the right choice of wood is made with some preventive measures.
• Hardwood floor with texture
When Wire Brushed and Hand Scraped have added to hardwood floor it makes it stronger and a lot more forgiving than its smooth others when it comes to the risks of everyday life.

• Species with character
Grain pattern being visible, species with style, such as Red Oak or Hickory, looks real than they are.

• Hardwood species
Harder domestic and costly species, such as Oak, Hard Maple and Brazilian Cherry, are better used as hardwoods other than softwoods like fir resist damaging according to the Janka Hardness Scale.

• Hardwood floor with a top quality finish
Hardwood floors with a high-quality finish last longer because the finish will go well with the wood instead of cracking when it has a substantial item on. Unlike Aluminum Oxide finishes there won’t be any traced if the floors are scratched.

• Hardwood floor with a character grade and style
Thanks to its variety of colour, wood flooring with a character grade and style usually look better than a classic uniform selection.

• Hardwood floor with a low sheen
Recently it’s well known; a little-added polish will improve the look of the wood and also hide scratches. It is advisable to use low gloss on hardwood floors in homes where kids and pets are present.

• Prevention
Placing small mats on some part of the floor help protect the wood from damage. It is never enough to care for your hardwood floor. They need proper care and maintenance no matter what room you are talking about!


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We spend the most time in the kitchen than another part of the house a robust solution for your floor is one of the best choices you can make for your loved ones.

•Purifying quality of your indoor air
Make sure you go for floors that are manufactured without VOC, solvents or formaldehyde. Ask if the woods meet the highest health standards and if reputable third-party organisations certify these claims.
At BC Best Flooring Company, you can be assured that all our hardwood floors are manufactured responsibly with no additional chemical. All of our recommended hardwood floors are fully compliant with the industry standard. Pure Genius continually converts toxic airborne particles into not lousy water and carbon dioxide molecules, which makes the air 85% purer.

Anti-microbial solution
A large number of quality hardwood finishes, like Titanium finish, also use advanced antimicrobial treatment to stop the increment of bacteria and fungi.
At BC Best Flooring Company, we aim to improve your family’s well-being with our exclusive Pure Genius advanced technology. Pure Genius, has been proven to be an antimicrobial finish that removes up to 99.6% of bacteria, viruses, and moulds.


Beauty is one of the primary reasons buyers pick hardwood floor for all aspects of their home. There are two exciting choices to note for this situation.
•Huge and Long
Floorboards made from hardwood that are lengthy and large make the room beautiful and bring the open living space together. They make rooms in the house bigger because fewer boards are used to cover up the house ask us for the recommendation.

For people who love the decoration, there are patterns to choose from like herringbone hardwood used for your dining room or kitchen with longboards everywhere else. This gives your space a lovely look, utilising a similar kind of hardwood floor.


waterproof flooring

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Many people don’t go for a hardwood floor in their kitchens because of its exposure to water. Most buyers are concerned that, during cooking and cleaning, there might be water droplets that could damage the hardwood.
Cracks in hardwood floor finishes, like Aluminum Oxide, might allow water into the wood and cause unsightly stains. However, as we saw in point Two above regarding wear and tear, there is a meagre chance of this happening if you make use of a hardwood floor with a top quality soft finish just like we offer.
We advise you to place a small mat under your sink and the dishwasher to stop droplets from landing on the hardwood.

Hardwood in any room needs proper care, Contact BC BEST FLOORING® for more tips and recommendations.

Hardwood can be used in any part of the house including the kitchen without fear of spoilage. Just follow these simple guidelines.
If you have any questions or concerns about hardwood floors, please contact us, and we will help you make the best decision for your home.

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