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Fitting your home with beautiful hardwood flooring will instantly make the whole place stylish and impressive. But if you want to make the interior even more elegant, you can also upgrade your stairway with hardwood surface, treads and risers. Installing hardwood on the stairs is not an easy task. However, with the right instructions mixed with enough patience and determination, you’ll be able to lay down hardwood on your stairs nicely.

Here’s how to install hardwood on stairs:

Installing Hardwood on Stairs

Source: Oak Stairway Remodel

1.    Measure and Trim

Prepare the stairs by cleaning it well with a vacuum. After that, measure the stairs part by part and step by step. These are the parts that require accurate measurements: the part where you step on called the tread, the back of each step called riser, and the total length and width of the stairs.

The critical thing to remember at this point is to never under-measure any part. If you do, and the hardwood planks are short, the only way to repair them is to get replacements. This will lead to waste of hardwood. It is better to overshoot the measurements when installing hardwood on stairs. Add an at least ¾ inch to each length and width, and then cut to fit accordingly.

You can purchase hardwood planks with rounded edges specifically for the treads. This will give your stairs a more exciting appearance than straight-edged planks. Make sure to cut them more significant, so that the footsteps will drape over the risers. Choose the length of the drape according to your preference.

2.    Risers First

On the actual installation, three frame parts are needed (stringers). There should be one stringer on each side of the steps, and another one in the middle. Fit the risers first against the frame below. They should be hammered with two nails into each stringer. Afterwards, make use of a pin set to thump the nails all the way deep into the hardwood.

Installing Hardwood on Stairs

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3.    Lay down Treads

Next step in installing hardwood on stairs is laying down the treads. Ensure that they are laid flat and level perpendicular to the riser. If there are any gaps between the risers and treads, you can insert wooden shims (small wedges of wood) from the cuttings you made earlier.

Apply an adequate amount of wood adhesive under and on the sides of the treads, then place them on top of the risers. Make sure to squeeze the glue as evenly as you can. This will avoid any weak joints between the treads and risers, or treads and stringers. Clean all excess adhesive from the hardwoods, and then hammer nails on the footsteps to the stringers. Take time to ensure that everything is fitted well.

4.    Install a Balustrade

A guide on how to install hardwood on stairs will not be complete without instructions on balustrades. They are railings that are braced by a row of wooden or steel supports called balusters. They will help prevent any accidents from happening, and also add aesthetic value to the stairway.

Although balustrades are quite tricky to install, you can try doing them on your own.  There are many articles and videos online that give a step-by-step tutorial on installing stair balustrades. However, it is best to get professional help to make sure that the balustrades are correctly installed and securely.

Installing Hardwood on Stairs

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5.    Finish and Complete Installing Hardwood on Stairs

The last step in installing hardwood on stairs is sanding and finishing. Make sure to sand and finish the balustrades first; and then the treads, risers, and stringers. Sand the hardwood planks lightly. Then, clean the sawdust by sweeping and vacuuming. Lastly, complete the process by applying the stain and finish on the planks.

Wood stains will darken the stairs in a significant amount. On the other hand, a bright finish will darken the hardwood only as much as they will when wet. Carefully choose the stain and finish combination according to your preference and your home design. Make sure to brush the stain and finish, then wipe the stairs with a clean cloth for the best results.

Installing Hardwood on Stairs From BC Best Flooring

This guide in installing hardwood on stairs will help you on your next home project. However, if you want the best quality of hardwood stairs, then getting help from expert installers like BC Best Flooring is recommended. We have completed a lot of hardwood stairs installation project for homes in Vancouver, Burnaby and nearby towns in British Columbia. With our team of well-experienced technicians, we can provide you with the best quality of hardwood stairs for your home.

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